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Philosophies driving RevolutionPlus

The promise of a manifesto for sustainable growth


Since the 19th century, traditional biological nutraceuticals, lubricants and fuels have been replaced by products synthesised from petrochemicals. Most people now understand the shortcomings of this unsustainable imposition on the environment and on productivity.

At the same time businesses, in particular, are coming under increasing scrutiny to create sustainable ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

These are the reasons we firmly believe in taking smarter pathways to progress, through innovation and applied technologies. We are at the cutting-edge of this fresh-thinking approach and at the forefront of the system technologies that are delivering answers.

Innovation and technology offers limitless opportunities to sustainably feed and power businesses, organisations and communities.

RevolutionPlus’s unique abilities to refine biological material (including waste) to become high-value products, is unparalleled. It quite simply offers better performance and a superior end-product, compared to current methods.

Our processes use low levels of energy, water and resources, while producing very low emissions into the environment. These high levels of extraction efficiency now offer businesses affordable alternatives, compared with existing methods, for reducing climate impacts.

And last but by no means least. We have the ability and the motivation to share our expertise and to partner with businesses and organisations to offer sustainability and renewable energy solutions.


RevolutionPlus’s proven advanced system technologies.


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