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Who we are

Our Whakapapa

Genealogy, line of descent.

We are a New Zealand family owned business. Our shareholders and directors have backgrounds in public service and business, logistics, biological systems, sustainable energy and management.

RevolutionPlus is modelled on traditional European family business systems where values focus on developing enduring value for society and the environment around a core expertise in technology.


Guardianship, stewardship, particularly of land, water and air.

Our systems enable a shift away from chemically synthesising products to low impact refining, to utilising naturally occurring qualities. 

We are convinced that if we look after nature, nature will look after us.


Respect, generosity and care for others.

Our approach to partnering seeks to ensure others in a value chain can sustain themselves, and each other, to ensure its enduring.


RevolutionPlus’s proven advanced system technologies.






The environment and business philosophies driving RevolutionPlus. 

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