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RevolutionPlus specialises in the bioenergy sector using proven advanced B300 system technology from NFT.

B300 System: Renewable energy Power Plant and Biofuel System

The B300 is an advanced locked-box scalable technology converting organic Fat Oil and Grease (FOG) into profitable biofuel and power.

Waste to Energy technology has a triple bottom line when waste resources are upcycled to bioenergy.   

B300 biofuel is non-toxic, non-flammable, carbon neutral (EN14214 standard).

The B300 biofuel conversion kits, when fitted to most diesel engines (generators, vehicles or ships) enables both biofuel and diesel fuel operation.

The benefits

The B300 system is customised and scaled to client locations.

It has the capability to convert feedstocks including energy crops, tallow, vegetable, oils, dairy, fish and poultry effluents to B300 biofuel.

Advanced plug and play technology requires no EPA approval.

The B300 system includes solar and wind hybrids biofuel production and bioenergy generation systems for off-grid or on-grid environments.

The system up-cycles crude organic oils with no chemical residues.

It is supplied and monitored under agreement.

The B300 system achieves an astounding 4-5kW per litre of B300 biofuel with an 80% CO2e reduction meeting the standards of deep decarbonization technology.






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